Terminator 2: Every Person the T-1000 Terminated

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day's unforgettable villain, the T-1000, lived up to the Terminator moniker, racking up a notable body count before its defeat. Even though there have now been six films - and one TV series - worth of Terminator franchise villains, many would still pick the T-1000 as their favorite. As played by Robert Patrick, the T-1000 is both incredibly intimidating and very fun to watch work. Possessing a mostly icy cool demeanor, the T-1000 rarely gets flustered, and is even more efficient at killing than the T-800 in the original movie.

Helping the liquid metal machine do that are its array of abilities, including turning parts of itself into various long, sharp weapons, perfect for stabbing victims. Being a Terminator, it can also run long distances without tiring, sustain extensive physical damage with little lasting consequences, and sports strength that would make Superman blush. More specific to the T-1000 is its ability to shape-shift into anything of equal mass, mostly used to copy humans.

The T-1000 is a truly formidable foe, and were it not for an unfortunate weakness involving extreme temperatures, it may well have succeeded in killing John Connor. In the T-1000's memory though, here's a rundown of everyone it did manage to terminate.

Officer Austin

Not named in the film, Officer Austin's name was revealed in Terminator 2's novelization. He's the cop that arrives on the scene toward the start of the film, after the T-1000 travels back in time and arrives in the then present day. As usual for Terminator time travel, it's completely naked. Although it's a bit vague, as James Cameron originally intended for the T-1000 being evil to be a twist, it appears to stab Austin in the gut with one of its morphing blades. It then copies his clothes, takes his gun, and steal his car. In the novelization, the T-1000 actually takes its default appearance from Austin as well, adding a new wrinkle.

Mall Worker

An unnamed mall employee meets his maker thanks to the T-1000 during its first encounter with Arnold Schwarzenegger's protective T-800. The T-1000 has tracked John Connor to the mall, as has the T-800, with John being caught between them in a corridor. The poor employee also happens to be nearby, and gets shot multiple times by the T-1000's Beretta 9mm handgun as the machine attempts to shoot John, with it showing zero hesitation about offing the bystander. Thankfully for the future savior of humanity, the T-800 was able to shield John from the bullets using its own body. Sadly, there was no savior for the random minimum wage employee caught in the crossfire.

Janelle Voight

While Sarah Connor was locked up in a mental hospital, John Connor was sent to live with foster parents, Todd and Janelle Voight, neither of which he seemed to like much. Either way, there's no evidence they deserved to die in horrific ways, and that's exactly what happened, courtesy of the T-1000. The liquid metal villain goes to the Voight house in the hopes they can be used to lure John in, or that John will return himself. Janelle's death isn't shown onscreen, but is instead revealed after the T-1000 has copied her. Her body is seen in a deleted scene. She's played by Jenette Goldstein, who worked with James Cameron on Aliens.

Todd Voight

Todd Voight, played by prolific character actor Xander Berkeley, was John's foster dad, and he didn't get off any easier than his wife Janelle. To add to the indignity, Todd was actually killed by Janelle, at least in a manner of speaking. He gets impaled through the mouth by the T-1000's stabbing arm, while the machine is disguised as Janelle. One assumes he was killed for rudely interrupting the T-1000's attempt to persuade John to come home, and also possibly for drinking milk straight out of the carton. The T-1000 may be a Terminator, but that doesn't mean it appreciates unsanitary behavior. Also, it doesn't speak well of the Voight marriage that he couldn't tell his wife had been replaced.


While it's true that Max, John Connnor's dog, isn't technically a "person," most people love their pets like family, so the animal's death is still sad and worth mentioning. It's Max's incessant barking that helps give away the T-1000's ruse when he's on the phone with John, as the T-800 is well aware that dogs can detect Terminators, which inspires him to lie to "Janelle" about the dog's name and expose the switch. Afterward though, the T-1000 goes outside and kills Max, although it's thankfully done offscreen. In a deleted scene, the T-1000 sees the name on Max's bloody collar and realizes he's been outsmarted.


Lewis the guard happened to be unlucky enough to work at Pescadero State Hospital when the T-1000 showed up to target John Connor, correctly predicting John would try to rescue his mom. To try and infiltrate the facility as stealthily as possible, presumably to avoid unnecessary distractions from his mission, the T-1000 disguises itself as a floor, then "samples" Lewis, enabling it to turn into a copy of him. Lewis is then stabbed through the eye, because apparently the T-1000 loves face stabbing. Despite all the pioneering CGI use in Terminator 2, the scene of the two Lewis' together was accomplished by using identical twin actors Dan and Don Stanton.

Truck Driver

The T-1000's final victim in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, this hapless trucker worked for a company called Cryoco, explaining why his truck was full of liquid nitrogen. The T-1000 is in need of a vehicle to continue chasing John, Sarah, and the T-800, so he stabs the poor guy through the chest and steals his semi truck. It would later turn out that by doing so, the T-1000 had unwittingly sealed his own doom, as it was it being frozen by the nitrogen and then shattered by the T-800 that first put a dent in its liquid metal armor. To be fair, the T-1000 was a prototype, and possibly not aware of this weakness.

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