Supernatural Stars Share Emotional Messages As Filming Starts On Series Finale

1 month ago

As Supernatural enters production for its final episode, series leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are taking a moment to reflect on the show they’ve worked on for over a decade. The final episode of Supernatural Season 15, which is currently being filmed, will be the last episode of the long-running series.

Initially, this final season was supposed to premiere in July of this year on the CW. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has delayed the majority of productions, and Supernatural was no exception. The crew was able to resume filming in early August, though the writers were forced to revisit several episodes and remove scenes involving large crowds or elaborate fights. The new episodes are expected to premiere at the beginning of October. Since the show has been running since 2005, it has clearly played a huge role in the cast’s lives, and the series’ conclusion has been bittersweet.

In recent Instagram posts, both Padalecki and Ackles shared their thoughts on filming the last episode of Supernatural, with both of them mentioning how the show’s conclusion has been an emotional experience. Padalecki’s post featured a picture of the actor giving a thumbs up to the camera, with a caption explaining all his feelings going into filming. He says he’s very grateful to have worked on the show: "It’s been an incredible journey, to say the least." Ackles’s post had a simpler caption, just saying, "It’s gonna be a rough 2 weeks."

The post also featured a video of a teary-eyed Ackles talking about the finale. Now, Ackles says, the script is a bit different. “At the very bottom of the very last page of this script, there are only two words.” Ackles then holds up the last page of the script, which reads “THE END.” Both Jensen and Ackles have been with the show for its entire run, and though they started the series merely as coworkers, playing two brothers over the course of fifteen years has caused the actors to become incredibly close. In many ways, the ending of Supernatural for Ackles and Jensen probably feels like saying goodbye to a family member.

But despite these bittersweet feelings, hopefully Ackles and Jensen have enjoyed filming the finale episode of Supernatural. Trailers released by the CW indicate that the Winchester brothers will be on a mission to literally kill God - their biggest mission yet. In a show all about angels and demons, this apocalyptic ending is the last chance for the two actors to show off their iconic performances and make their mark on this series. Seeing the love both the main actors have for the show, it’s almost certain the crew will give it their all and send Supernatural off with the ending it deserves.

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