Tom Cruise Masks Up On Mission Impossible 7 Set For Stunt Rehearsal

1 month ago

Behind the scenes photos show a mask wearing Tom Cruise doing stunt rehearsals for Mission: Impossible 7. Following on the massive success of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the long-running action franchise starring Cruise as secret agent Ethan Hunt is set to continue with Christopher McQuarrie staying on as director.

Of course, production on the seventh Mission: Impossible has itself been quite the difficult undertaking thanks in large part to coronavirus related delays (which of course have been a problem for a lot of different movies and TV shows). There have also been some unusual controversies surrounding the making of the film, including a bizarre story about the production wanting to blow up a historic bridge in Poland (the whole matter was later clarified by McQuarrie himself) as well as accusations that the movie used underpaid labor during filming in Norway. Despite everything, work continues on the action epic, which should be no surprise given the tenacity of Cruise himself.

Just to show that things are indeed still going forward on the seventh installment of the Mission: Impossible series, The Daily Mail has published a handful of behind the scenes photos of Cruise in a protective COVID mask going through rehearsals for one of his signature stunt sequences. See the images by clicking here.

In the images, Cruise can be seen on top of a train wearing a safety harness and a filtered face mask as he works out his latest stunt with several crew members (the mask Cruise is wearing is of the same type he was seen sporting in a recent video of himself and McQuarrie going to the theater to see Christopher Nolan’s Tenet together). The images don’t give away very much about the movie's plot, except that there’s some kind of action sequence on top of a train, which indeed recalls the first Mission: Impossible movie which famously featured a climactic scene on a train. It remains to be seen exactly what the new stunt on the train entails, but knowing Cruise, there’s probably some death-defying or at least very dangerous element to the sequence (but at least he won't have to worry about getting COVID).

Of course, Cruise has made a reputation for himself as a man who is willing to face down death in order to create a thrilling experience for audiences. Now that he’s pushing 60, it’s fair to ask how much longer Cruise can continue putting his body on the line for the sake of movie magic, but he seems intent on continuing and is in fact planning on upping the ante by heading into space to make the first fiction film shot in orbit. Mission: Impossible 7 may not take place in outer space, but it definitely looks like it’s set to be another signature Cruise thrill ride, assuming the production can survive all the delays and controversies (and Cruise survives making it).

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