Candyman Reboot Release Delayed To 2021

1 month ago

The upcoming reboot of the 1992 cult-hit horror favorite Candyman has been delayed to a 2021 release date. The film was previously given an enthusiastic thumbs up from original cast member Tony Todd, adding to fans’ anticipation.

Though two sequels were made throughout the 1990s, the original film remains the fan-favorite. When news of the reboot was initially revealed, it came with the added bonus that Oscar-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele would co-write and produce. For many fans, this was strong reassurance that this wouldn’t simply be a cynical cash-grab and that it could even potentially surpass the original in terms of quality. The wait for the film to arrive has been a lengthy one, considering that the reboot was first announced back in 2018. After a promising trailer arrived in February, fans were more eager than ever for the summer, when Candyman was set to arrive in theatres. Unfortunately, as people around the world are all too aware, the intensification of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many films having to change their release dates. Candyman was among them, and its summer release became an October release.

Now there’s more bad news for Candyman fans. According to a Universal press release, the upcoming reboot has been pushed back again—this time to an unset date in 2021. The reason given is. of course. related to COVID-19 concerns, with Universal wishing to pursue a theatrical release when the time is right. Horror films are generally known to be crowd favorites, and in this particular case, the franchise already has a built-in audience, so Universal’s desire to wait things out in hopes of being able to capitalize on cinema screenings does make sense.

Yet at the same time, there is a certain amount of risk in holding off for a time when COVID-19 is more under control and audiences feel comfortable returning to cinemas. For starters, no one really knows when the coronavirus pandemic will be under control. What’s more, if Christopher Nolan’s reputation for blockbusters has apparently not been enough to get fans in theatres for Tenet, then some might scoff at Candyman’s chance of faring any better. Eventually, the film will have to be released, and with Universal holding off until 2021 rather than going for a VOD release this autumn, the question of what will happen if things haven’t changed by then needs to be asked.

It is entirely possible that Universal is making a smart move here, however. As previously stated, horror movies often do well in theatres. There are plenty of examples of small, indie horror films that no one would have expected anything from arriving in theatres and shattering box office records. Add to this fact that Candyman is hardly an indie release, that it has a built-in fanbase and that one of the creative forces behind it is Jordan Peele, and there’s every reason to believe things will work out just fine.

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