The Walking Dead Already Ending Is Disappointing

1 month ago

The Walking Dead ending after 11 seasons is an unfortunate disappointment. It was recently revealed that the long-running AMC series will come to a conclusion after a final eleventh season, but the Walking Dead universe will continue through its spinoffs, including a new show centered on Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

The end is now in sight, but AMC still has plenty of Walking Dead episodes left to air in the foreseeable future, beginning with the long-delayed season 10 finale in October. Though the episode is still being referred to as the “finale”, the 10th season has received a six-episode extension, with these expected to be shown sometime in early 2021. For season 11, viewers will be treated to a much longer season that will air over the course of two years. The 24-episode final season of The Walking Dead will kick off in the second half of 2021, and wrap up at some point in 2022.

While it’s true that The Walking Dead isn’t finished yet – and that it’s lasted for more than a decade – it’s still disappointing that there won’t be a season 12. The reason for that is related to the show’s relationship to the comic. For the first time, the show could have offered something completely new. Though the show has a reputation for breaking away from the comics when it comes to killing off characters, it generally sticks to the script in terms of its biggest storylines. The TV version of the story has followed the same path, moving from the battle to the Governor, to Alexandria, to the Saviors, and to the Whisperers. And as expected, it’s become clear from recent episodes that The Walking Dead is about to officially introduce the Commonwealth, the organization who takes the spotlight in the comic’s final story arc.

This means that The Walking Dead’s ending will line up nicely up with the comics, but that’s actually why it would be better if season 11 wasn’t the end. As soon as it became obvious that the Commonwealth was right around the corner, fans began to wonder with great interest what the future of the show would be. The AMC series had always kept in-step with the comics, and for that reason Walking Dead season 12 promised to be one of the show’s most interesting stories. Without the comics to draw inspiration from, the series would have been forced to take its character in new directions.

For years, fans have used the comics as a blueprint for predicting what comes next, and while the show has found ways to change things up and keep its viewers guessing, it could have really shaken up the formula in season 12. That left a lot to look forward to, but it won’t be happening after all. One consolation for that is at least two of the characters – Daryl and Carol – will get new stories in The Walking Dead universe in 2023.

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