Matrix 4 Is A Love Story According to Keanu Reeves

1 month ago

Keanu Reeves says that The Matrix 4 is a love story. The Matrix franchise started in 1999 with the eponymous science-fiction film that also starred Reeves. Since then, the series has expanded into one of the most beloved sci-fi action films in modern culture.

Reeves is returning to The Matrix world as Thomas Anderson, aka Neo, despite his death in the last film. Although not much is known about what will be in store for The Matrix 4, there's some speculation in how directors plan on bringing Neo back to life, especially after his death at the hands of the Machines. Other questions that The Matrix 4 may address include whether or not the Architect kept his promise and if there is truly peace between humans and Machines.

Although Reeves is currently filming The Matrix 4 in Germany, he stopped by BBC's The One Show to tease upcoming movie details, noting that the film is quite the "love story." He starts by lauding director Lana Wachowski, who has worked on the original Matrix trilogy. More specifically, he says that Wachowski has truly created an incredible story, praising her for the intricate script "that is a love story."

Reeves also highlights that this film will be firmly set in events after The Matrix Revolutions. When The One Show presenters press Reeves for more plot details, he remains largely silent but says that Neo will not be venturing into the past. In addition, Reeves cryptically adds that The Matrix 4 is "a call to wake up" and hints at the incredible action sequences as well. For die-hard fans of The Matrix, it's not much to go off of; still, Reeves' words show the passion and dedication that have been put into The Matrix 4. If anything, it's evident that this film is far from a cash grab, but instead a way to further Neo's world.

Seeing The Matrix 4 described as a love story brings Neo and Trinity's relationship to mind, so perhaps this is an indication their dynamic will be further explored in the new film. That angle could give The Matrix 4 a strong emotional core to complement the visually-stunning set pieces, balancing out the style with a healthy amount of substance. Of course, any of the new characters could be involved in a love story, but Neo and Trinity should be an integral part of the story. Reeves had previously mentioned that Wachowski's script is one of the key reasons why he returned, with some speculation that the story will be one that's particularly relevant today. Regardless, no matter what happens in The Matrix 4, it's safe to say Reeves is beyond excited - and this film will undoubtedly be a fitting tribute to the giants that came before it.

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