Xbox Series S Fast Load Times Get Real-World Demonstration In New Video

2 months ago

A new trailer shows the improvement fans can expect from the Xbox Series S by comparing its load times to its predecessor, the Xbox One S. The Series S is the budget model of Microsoft's newest console generation. It has no disc drive, but is selling for only $299, as opposed to $499 for the Series X. The price of the Xbox Series S was revealed in a recent leak that forced Microsoft to confirm the price tag for both the Series S and Series X.

Both Microsoft and Sony have been slowly revealing details about their next-gen consoles for months. The upcoming consoles promise a lot of improvements over their predecessors, including improved loading and launch times. The developer of upcoming PS5 game Kena: Bridge of Spirits, for instance, boasts that the game can boot up from the console's system menu in just two seconds. Reducing load times is a very similar goal, and one that both companies have been working to achieve. Some have claimed that the new generation heralds the death of loading screens altogether.

Microsoft is now attempting to prove that even its smaller, lower-spec console is capable of drastically cutting down on loading screens. The company has produced a new trailer putting the Xbox Series S head to head with last generation's Xbox One S in a veritable loading screen race. The systems are both seen booting up The Outer Worlds, which recently reentered the public eye with the release of a new DLC expansion, Peril on Gorgon. Both versions of the game start up at the exact same time, but while the Xbox One S takes over 50 seconds to drop the player into the game, the Series S brings the player in after only 11 seconds of loading. It's a marked improvement in a game whose loading screens are probably too long to begin with.

Many have questioned if the Series S is worth their time, even at such a significantly lower price than the Series X. The console has much less storage space than its big brother, though this is offset a bit by being able to install smaller game files. By releasing this trailer, Microsoft is sending a powerful message; no matter what other faults the little system has, it has a considerable advantage over the current generation when it comes to loading times. Microsoft clearly hasn't skimped on the processing power, even if it's skimped on a few other things.

The new console generation offers a lot of choices for fans. The biggest choice is which system to buy, and there are a greater number of options than one might expect. Both competitors are offering two different models for fans to choose from in order to select the console that suits them best. More and more, Microsoft is establishing the Series S as a viable option for more casual fans who are willing to pay a significantly lower cost for a slight reduction in console space and function. If this trailer is any indication, the Xbox Series S may prove to still be a powerful console, and a perfectly good choice in its own right.

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