Titans Season 3 Confirmed To Release On HBO Max

1 month ago

The gritty Teen Titans reboot Titans will officially be moving to the streaming platform HBO Max, with the third season of the show premiering on the new platform. This is just one of the changes happening as DC’s video-on-demand service, DC Universe, restructures into a comic book subscription service called DC Universe Infinite.

This year, WarnerMedia announced moving all of the shows from the DC Universe app to HBO Max once the platform launched. Since WarnerMedia has ownership of both DC and HBO, it makes sense for the media company to consolidate all their properties onto one platform. This way, all of the shows are equally successful, and the two streaming platforms are not competing for viewer attention. However, the question then became what DC would do with the leftover DC Universe platform.

The answer, according to a press release from DC, is to turn the platform into a comic book subscription service. The press release boasts that DC Universe Ultimate will have more than 24,000 comics and will be available on January 21. The company also listed all of the shows that would be moving to HBO Max: “Young Justice Seasons 1-4, Titans Seasons 1-3, Doom Patrol Seasons 1-3, and DC’s Stargirl Season 1.” This brief reference confirms that the yet-unreleased Season 3 of Titans will make its debut on HBO Max. If you have a monthly subscription for DC Universe, you will be able to upgrade your subscription for $4.99 per month to get access to HBO Max. This offer will only be available until October 30 of this year.https://i0.wp.com/storage.waploaded.com/images/593987f8fd914eb13df2daf6c4660eef.jpg

At first glance, former DC Universe subscribers may be upset that they now have to pay an additional $5 to access their favorite shows, but this is a good move for both DC and their fans. With the ever-increasing number of streaming services available, shows are being scattered behind an incredible number of paywalls. Having the DC shows behind their own separate paywall makes them less accessible. By moving shows like Titans to HBO Max, WarnerMedia is decreasing the level of competition in the streaming industry and making all of their properties equally available.

Of course, there’s still the question of whether this jump to a new platform will affect the story of Titans in any meaningful way. There hasn’t been much in the form of news on Titans Season 3; DC hasn’t even given a release date more specific than “some time in 2021.” Though there is some speculation as to how the show might bring back certain characters, nothing has been confirmed. It’s most likely that Titans will still be the same gritty action show fans have come to expect. The only significant change to the series will be a potential increase in viewership thanks to greater accessibility.

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