Zack Snyder Celebrates #BatmanDay With New BvS Ben Affleck Image

2 months ago

Director Zack Snyder celebrates Batman Day by sharing a new, moody black and white image of Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie was Affleck's debut in the role, with the actor playing Batman again in Justice League as well as in an uncredited appearance in Suicide Squad. He officially retired from the role in early 2019, but is confirmed to make a surprise return as Bruce Wayne in 2022's The Flash, as one of two Batmen in the movie alongside Michael Keaton's version.

Snyder was responsible for casting Affleck in the role in the first place, envisioning the character as an older, more world-weary man weighed down by the burden of the job. Affleck's casting was initially met with suspicion, but he won fans over with a muscular, emotional performance in Batman V Superman. That version of the character was largely missing from the theatrical version of Justice League, replaced with a wise-cracking leader, but Snyder's Director's Cut of the movie is set to feature a return to the more somber Bruce Wayne. That cut of Justice League is set to be released in four parts on HBO Max some time in 2021.

Now Snyder has released a previously unseen shot of Affleck's Batman in Batman V Superman for Batman Day, which is an annual celebration of the iconic DC superhero. Posted on Vero, the moody black and white shot shows Batman standing, fists clasped in the same location where the infamous "Martha" scene takes place. Snyder accompanies the shot with a caption that talks about Batman's role as a lone voice against injustice. You can see the post below:

As if it wasn't clear enough already, this post only further reinforces the fact that Snyder is a massive fan of the DC universe, one of the reasons he fought so hard to see his original vision of Justice League get released. It also shows his affection for the character of Batman, with many often assuming he's more of a Superman guy considering he began his tenure with DC by directing Man of Steel.

Despite this, his love of the Caped Crusader came through in Batman V Superman, and is also reflected in Justice League given that the character takes on the mantle of leadership for the superhero group. With Affleck's appearance in The Flash set to be his actual final appearance - if the theory that his version Batman dies in the movie turn out to be true - it will enable the actor to finish the character arc he started when Snyder cast him back in 2016. Hopefully, Snyder will approve if the character is in fact killed off.

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