Boba Fett In Mandalorian Season 2 Hinted At By Temuera Morrison's Agency

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Another new superpower for Stormfront has been revealed in the weirdest way possible in season 2 of The Boys. The second season of The Boys has been quite different from the first thanks to the newest member of The Seven. After Vought covered up how The Boys killed Translucent, his vacated spot on their super-team went to Stormfront. However, she has proved to be a bit tougher for Homelander to control than other members of the team.

Season 2 of The Boys has given audiences a strong understanding of who Stormfront really is — arguably more so than any other single character in the show. The Boys and Starlight discovered that she used to be classic Supe known as Liberty, and others have figured out that she is a racist. For Homelander, he is still unaware of both of these details and has now started to accept Stormfront. She helped his approval rating go back up after his reputation was significantly hurt by a viral video that showed him killing a civilian (because of his carelessness while attacking a super terrorist). Episode 5 saw their relationship go to the next level — and revealed a scary new power in the process.

The most recent episode of The Boys ended with Stormfront and Homelander hooking up, and they both used their superpowers to show dominance over each other. In the heat of the hook up, Homelander's eyes start to glow momentarily but he shakes off the desire to use his laser eyes. However, Stormfront tells him to do it anyway, convinced that she will withstand the lasers that usually go right through anything — including Supes. The lasers do inflict some burns and pain to Stormfront, but The Boys then shows that she heals.

Stormfront isn't the first Supe in The Boys confirmed to have healing powers, as Kimiko can also heal herself. But, the reveal makes Stormfront even more powerful than she already was, which is a scary thought. Viewers previously knew that Stormfront had the power to shoot "lightning" from her hands and fly, in addition to having super strength. Now that it is known that she can heal too, Stormfront becomes a threat to The Boys, and the world, seemingly on par with Homelander. Depending on how Stormfront and Homelander's relationship continues to evolve, the two of them could be the ultimate power couple.

With season 2 of The Boys continuing to set up the inevitable fight between The Boys and Stormfront, her healing abilities will make it even tougher for them to take her down. But, it also means that the show could have a possible loophole on their hands to bring her back at a later date. As despicable as Stormfront's actions are, she has been a great villain for the show during the second season. Her healing power could indicate that even if season 2 ends with her death that The Boys could bring her back down the road — unless it is done in a similar vein to Translucent.

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