What David Harbour Could Look Like In a Live-Action Incredibles Reboot

1 month ago

A talented digital artist has envisioned what David Harbour might look like as Mr. Incredible in a live-action The Incredibles film. The Incredibles released in 2004 to rave reviews from critics and fans alike; over ten years later, The Incredibles 2 premiered in 2018 to equally enthusiastic response.

The Incredibles films center on the Parr family, all of whom secretly have superpowers that range from super-strength to invisibility to super speed. In both movies, the Parrs find themselves battling maniacal villains and defeating the bad guys, in spite of all the odds. Most importantly, while the Parrs take on evil and crime head-on, they do so as a family, which is a dynamic that's truly at the core of both The Incredibles movies.

Digital artist artoftimetravel has imagined what David Harbour would look like as a live-action Mr. Incredible. In the art, Harbour is dressed in Mr. Incredible's trademark red costume, complete with the mask and "i" insignia. Harbour stands front and center in the middle of an empty street, with the buildings of a city - likely Metroville - rising up behind him. What's more, artoftimetravel overlays the background with a orange-red filter, giving the entire city a rustic feel and helping Harbour's Mr. Incredible pop out even more. You can check out artoftimetravel's innovative work below:

Although there are no definitive plans for a live-action reboot of The Incredibles, Harbour would certainly be a good choice for the role. While Harbour is best known for his roles in Stranger Things and Hellboy, he's dabbled in his fair share of superhero films, with a supporting role in Suicide Squad. Overall, it's clear from his resume that Harbour has the acting chops to handle the part of Mr. Incredible. More importantly, though, Harbour's impassioned defense of Hellboy and his thoughtful, respectful commentary on the film's failure shows that he has an even more crucial attribute that would make him perfect for Mr. Incredible: a large heart.

Craig T. Nelson has long voiced Bob Parr to perfection and has helped bring the character of Mr. Incredible to life. That being said, if a live-action version of The Incredibles really does occur, Nelson has certainly left some big shoes to fill. As such, while it'll be hard to find anyone who can live up to the role of Bob Parr in real life, one thing's for sure - it'll take someone incredible to play the one and only Mr. Incredible.

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