Brandon Routh's Superman Joins Keaton's Batman in Flash Movie Fan Art

2 months ago

Barry Allen's team gets a little bigger in this fan art for The Flash, which sees Brandon Routh's Superman join Michael Keaton's Batman. After years of delayed starts, Ezra Miller's solo DCEU film is finally gaining some traction. Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash is expected to adapt the iconic Flashpoint storyline from the comics and see Barry dealing with the consequences of messing with the multiverse. The Flash will reportedly begin filming in March 2021, well ahead of its current June 2022 release date.

Excitement for The Flash ramped up in June when news broke that Michael Keaton will reprise his iconic role as Batman for the film. It turns out he won't be the only Batman either, as Ben Affleck will once again don the cowl for The Flash too. Since the film is expected to break the DCEU multiverse wide open, there will be several DC characters featured within The Flash, and fans are quite eager to learn who else will be included. Ray Fisher is reportedly in negotiations to bring Cyborg into it, though it remains to be seen if his ongoing battle with Warner Bros. will impact it.

One person fans definitely want to see in The Flash is Superman, whether it's the DCEU's Henry Cavill or someone else. On social media, Javier Sanchez shared his art depicting Brandon Routh's Superman (from Superman Returns) joining Keaton and Miller, making for one seriously superpowered team. Routh even caught sight of it and gave his endorsement, saying with a winky face, "It's a fun image." Check it out down below.

Routh recently reprised his Superman for the Arrowverse's epic Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, a move that fans were thrilled by. The Flash really would provide the perfect opportunity for Routh's Superman to return to the big screen, but it seems more likely that it would feature Cavill's version. Cavill is expected to rejoin the DCEU in a supporting/cameo capacity, though reports indicated there isn't a role for him in The Flash just yet. Perhaps Routh's Superman really could be the one better suited for an appearance in The Flash.

The Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths already explored the idea of featuring different versions of the same characters, particularly when it came to Superman. Now, The Flash has the opportunity to do that on the big screen. While Batman is clearly going to have a major presence in the film, it remains to be seen with other DC characters will be joining him. Hopefully more supporting players will be revealed soon so fans get an idea of what to expect from this long-awaited film.

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