The Boys' Actor Thought Season 2's Love Sausage Scene Was A Prank

3 weeks ago

Laz Alonso, who plays Mother's Milk on The Boys, says he initially thought the Love Sausage scene in episode 6 was a prank dreamed up by Karl Urban. The Amazon Prime show is based on the gory, very NSFW comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The show follows the same formula, even if it differs from the source material in many ways, delighting in throwing as much blood on screen as possible, and refusing to shy away from graphic sex, bad language and intense violence.

Season 2, episode 6 "The Bloody Doors Off" takes things one step further by briefly introducing a character known in the comic books as the Love Sausage. The episode sees The Boys infiltrating a secret facility called Sage Grove, where they discover Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) is helping Stormfront experiment with Compound V on adults. Events turn nasty, though, when the inmates are released and start running amok. At this point, the episode's most outrageous scene takes place when Mother's Milk is attacked by Love Sausage's giant superpowered penis, wrapping around his neck and attempting to choke him to death. It's simultaneously shocking and hilarious, and it turns out that Alonso didn't think it was actually going to be in the episode. to EW, Alonso reveals that the infamous scene wasn't in the first script he read. Explaining that he read the episode 6 script well before shooting and never picked it up again, he didn't realize that the scene had been added, only finding out when Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher in the show, asked if he was ready for the scene. Alonso thought it was Urban playing a practical joke, but to his horror found out it wasn't. You can read the full story below:

So, the whole penis around the neck thing. I read the first script. Usually when the scripts come out, I’ll just read the first version and then I’ll put it away because I like to be super, hyper focused on the episode we’re working on now. They usually give us the script for the next episode midway through the episode we’re working on. So, it can be a distraction if you focus on that. I read it just to know where my character is going and then I discard it. [In that version] there is no penis around the neck! So, we always tease each other, and always on set playing the dozens and cracking jokes. And one day in the makeup trailer, Karl is like, "You ready for that penis that’s going around your neck?" And I’m like, "Ain’t no way in the world there is a penis being wrapped around my neck.'" So, I finally get back to my trailer. I let my curiosity get the best of me and when I see that [in the new script], I'm like, "Oh my God. Karl is definitely behind this." I am almost positive to this day he just pitched that idea to [showrunner Eric] Kripke and Kripke with his sick sense of humor was like, "It’s great! Let’s do it!"

Alonso's story is as funny as the scene it's about, and proves that sometimes The Boys is so shocking that even its stars can't believe what's going on. Showrunner Kripke adds that the scene definitely wasn't a prank, and wasn't suggested by Urban, saying it was always in the plan for episode 6, as they needed something in the sequence "that makes people say holy sh--." Kripke also reveals that the massive appendage was created using a combination of CGI and a real animatronic, meaning Alonso had to suffer the indignity of a having a physical prosthetic penis slung around his neck.

Of course, given the tone of The Boys, that scene isn't the only shocking one in episode 6, with Stormfront (Aya Cash) revealing that she was a Nazi during World War II. Episode 7 will explore her backstory further, while also taking her relationship with Homelander a step further. It remains to be seen what shocks await audiences in the upcoming episode, but there are sure to be one or two at least. However, unless the showrunners have another giant body part waiting in the wings, nothing is likely to be quite so ridiculous and shocking as the Love Sausage scene in this week's episode of The Boys.

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