Hamilton's Song Lyrics Changed To Encourage U.S. Voters

1 month ago

Several Hamilton songs get a remix in order to encourage U.S. citizens to vote in the upcoming election. Years ago, Miranda had already scored Broadway gold thanks to his hit show In the Heights when Hamilton took the world by storm. Inspired by Ron Chernow's biography Alexander Hamilton, Miranda wrote the book and music for a show focused entirely on Hamilton's life, from the moment he reached the United States as a young immigrant to his death at the hands of frenemy Aaron Burr. Hamilton debuted on Broadway in 2015 and became a cultural phenomenon, earning the praise of critics, fans, and even then-President Barack Obama.

Earlier this year, Disney announced its intention to release a filmed version of Hamilton in theaters next year. However, the coronavirus pandemic led to the studio changing its plans: Hamilton instead debuted on Disney+ back in July, thus allowing fans new and old to watch the often sold-out musical. Armed with the original Broadway cast and only a handful of stage-to-screen changes, Hamilton was a big win for Disney+, leading to an increase in subscriptions around the time of its premiere.

Its arrival on Disney+ also helped usher in a new age of Hamilton mania, which has now been utilized for the upcoming United States election. A slew of Hamilton performers have united to sing altered versions of "Alexander Hamilton," "Aaron Burr, Sir," "Guns and Ships," and, unsurprisingly, "The Election of 1800." And yes, Miranda does make an appearance at the perfect time. Check it out down below.

The video was a collaboration with the When We All Vote organization, which also has a hand in the upcoming West Wing special for HBO Max. Miranda will be a part of the West Wing's reunion special as well, and the Hamilton remix is just his latest move on When We All Vote's behalf. This one certainly makes the most sense, since it's hard to deny Hamilton lends itself well to a positive stance on voting.

Hamilton's reach has stretched far and wide this year thanks to its debut on Disney+, and even celebrities have gotten in on the fun. Harry Potter's Tom Felton shared a video of himself singing fan favorite song "You'll Be Back," while months ago, John Krasinski hosted a Hamilton reunion on his webseries Some Good News. With movie releases being a very complicated matter this year, Hamilton stands as one of the few success stories of 2020, and it continues to be a major part of pop culture. It's safe to say Disney and Miranda didn't throw away their shot.

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