Snowpiercer Season 2 Trailer Shows Sean Bean Facing Off Against Daveed Diggs

2 weeks ago

The first trailer for Snowpiercer season 2 teases a showdown between Sean Bean's mysterious Mr. Wilford and Daveed Diggs' shrewd Layton. The TNT series, which was based on Bong Joon-Ho's 2014 movie of the same name, stars Diggs former detective Andre Layton and Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill, who begins season 1 as the supposed "Voice of the Train" but ends the season having handed over control of the titular train to Layton. Bean joins the cast in season 2 as the mysterious Mr. Wilford, whose Big Alice train took over the Snowpiercer in the season 1 finale.

Season 1 upended the movie's plot, and that of the graphic novel it was based on, by having Cavill work together with Layton, as opposed to having the leader of the revolution, played by Chris Evans in the movie, force Wilford's right-hand woman (Tilda Swinton's Mason) take him to the Engine. Snowpiercer's season 1 finale set up an intriguing season 2 by also introducing Cavill's daughter, Alex (Rowan Blanchard) who Melanie thought had died during The Big Freeze. The season 1 cliffhanger left Melanie outside the train in the dead remnants of frozen Chicago, struggling to make her way back to the entrance.

Now, TNT's first trailer for season 2 promises a showdown between Mr. Wilford and Layton, ending with a lingering shot of the pair facing off in the snow. There are also brief shots of Melanie reuniting with her daughter, though it's unclear whether it's a happy reunion or not. The rest of the trailer reveals that Wilford is clearly unhappy with what was been happening on Snowpiercer, though again it's not revealed if he's unhappy with Layton's recent revolution, or the way Cavill was running things in the seven years prior. You can watch the trailer below:

Season 2, which debuts on January 25, 2021, is set to provide more struggles for Diggs' Layton, and this trailer reveals that he and Wilford are going to clash almost immediately. With Wilford's Big Alice having taken control of Snowpiercer, he clearly has the upper hand, and is likely to use this to his advantage. After having overcome the First Class reign in season 1, Layton is seemingly back to the beginning now, and will have to convince the original passengers of the Snowpiercer to join him in a new fight against Wilford.

There's also the matter of Alexandra Cavill being alive. Will her survival be used by Wilford to turn Melanie against Layton and the rest of the passengers on the original train. It seems likely from this footage, with Layton once again alone in leading the fight to have a democratic system on board. Whatever happens, Snowpiercer season 2 is set up to be a fascinating new journey, and can hopefully live up to the promise of season 1's dramtic finale.

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