Doctor Strange Joins the Fight Against Electro in Spider-Man 3 Fan Poster

1 week ago

A brand new fan poster for Marvel's Spider-Man 3 shows Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange joining Spider-Man for the fight against Jamie Foxx's Electro.

A new fan poster for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 shows Doctor Strange alongside Spider-Man in the fight against Electro. Ever since Marvel introduced Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Civil War in 2016, Spider-Man’s presence in the MCU has grown rapidly. Spidey appeared in the last two Avengers films, and Spider-Man: Far From Home finished Marvel’s Phase 3 with a spectacular post-credit scene that reveals Peter Parker’s identity to the world. After a brief hiccup that left fans thinking they were not going to get a Spider-Man 3 in Marvel’s Phase 4, things are now moving forward as shooting for the film looks set to start in a matter of days, and the third installment looks to have plenty of directions it could go in.

In addition to names like Tom Holland returning and Jon Watts returning in the director’s chair, Spider-Man 3 has some surprising new faces such as Jamie Foxx’s Electro, the character that was a part of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That news was shortly followed up by the announcement of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange joining the film, potentially as Peter’s new MCU mentor. The new castings have led many to speculate a potential multiverse in the film, and they have certainly gotten fans excited, as a new fan poster shows Spider-Man and Doctor Strange together in the battle against Electro.

Digital artist Psychboz posted a brand new piece of art on his Instagram, which is an impressive Spider-Man 3 poster. It takes some inspiration from the Far From Home poster, with the main characters in the middle and a city backdrop. Of course, Holland’s Spider-Man is the large presence in the middle, with Doctor Strange to his right, Zendaya’s MJ in the bottom left, Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury in the background, and Foxx’s Electro just above the film title. Interestingly, the poster looks to explore the potential multiverse idea with more than one image of Spider-Man on the poster and one city backdrop appearing upside down. The full poster can be seen below:

Doctor Strange is right beside Spider-Man in this poster, but it will be interesting to see how much he is in the film and the level of involvement he will/won’t have in potentially battling Electro. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse director Peter Ramsey already mentioned he hopes Strange is just a “guest star.” Psychboz’s Instagram post does also feature a multiverse hashtag, and the poster clearly hints at that idea. Fans will most likely be hoping to get answers from Far From Home’s shocking ending, and it will be interesting to see if that potentially ties in with the multiverse’s introduction to the story.

Marvel really have opened the doors to a lot of fun options in Holland’s next adventure as Spider-Man, and some fans are also hoping that a potential multiverse idea will see the MCU bring in past Spider-Men like Tobey Maguire. As the film looks set to begin production with the hopes it will then hit theaters on its currently scheduled December 2021 date, surely more story details will become clear. For now, fans can enjoy this latest piece of Spider-Man 3 fan art that highlights Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

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