Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photo Hints At Return To Season 3 Finale

1 month ago

A new photo from the set of Stranger Things season 4 shows Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) wearing the same outfit he wore in the season 3 finale, teasing a flashback scene. The Netflix phenomenon is currently filming season 4, after being interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. With season 3 providing several supposedly definitive endings for various characters, including Hopper (David Harbour) dying, and Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) moving out of Hawkins with the Byers family (Winona Ryder, Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton). Those events followed the climactic "Battle of Starcourt," which pitted the gang against both Russians and the Mind Flayer.

Despite those events, season 4 has teased Hopper's return in some form, as well as the fact that Eleven returns to Hawkins to reunite with Mike (Finn Wolfhard). Little else is known about the season, though, with only the first few episode titles being released and a few behind-the-scenes photos getting placed on Twitter by the Stranger Things writer's room account. Those have shown the core gang of kids growing up and attending Hawkins High, teasing that things are set to change for the children, and more hormones are set to fly.

Now, the Stranger Things writer's twitter account has posted another behind-the-scenes shot, and it reveals more than it seems. It shows McLaughlin in wardrobe as Lucas, eating Chinese food with a neon sign behind him. The critical detail is that he's wearing the same outfit he wore in the "Battle of Starcourt" episode, teasing that the show will return there for season 4. You can see the tweet below:

The image is incredibly intriguing, revealing that at least one scene in season 4 will be a flashback to the events of season 3. Despite season 3 hinting that the Upside Down had been destroyed, set photos from season 2 prove that was a fake-out. Perhaps this flashback will present things from a different perspective, showing audiences just what really happened. Hopefully, it will reveal what really happened to Hopper and just how he ended up in a prison camp in Russia.

This shot could also be a fake-out, though, with Lucas wearing the same outfit from season 3's finale for some other reason. However, that's less likely, as the Stranger Things writer's twitter account rarely posts anything that doesn't have some deeper or hidden meaning. That means audiences will be treated to more action from the "Battle of Starcourt" as well as more insight into just what happened in the finale.

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