Hubie Halloween Cameo Got A Boston News Anchor Fired

1 week ago

Local newscaster Alaina Pinto was fired from 7 News for a cameo in Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween that violated her contract with the station.

A Boston news anchor has been fired from her job at Channel 7 News for a cameo in Hubie Halloween that she says violated her contract with the station. The spooky new Netflix comedy starring Adam Sandler was also written and produced by the actor under his company Happy Madison Productions.

Sandler's Hubie Dubois is a lifetime resident and Good Samaritan of Salem, Massachusetts, whose odd personality and mannerisms incite unearned mockery from his neighbors. Hubie feels duty-bound to protect the members of his community, and his interest in amateur law enforcement lands him at the center of a kidnapping case on Halloween. Alaina Pinto, a real newscaster, makes a cameo in the movie as an anchor for the made-up morning show "Wake Up Boston" on Channel 4 Morning News. Pinto plays one of a few broadcasters reporting on local Halloween festivities; Tracy Phillips is another, played by Jackie Sandler (Adam's wife). All of the anchors (as well as Tracy's daughter) have elected to dress up as Harley Quinn this year in a gag that runs throughout the movie. Tracy jokes about the opportunity to "show your ex what he's missing" with a sexy Halloween costume.

Pinto announced on Twitter and Instagram today that she was let go from her job as a morning and noon anchor for WHDH Channel 7 News this week because of her cameo in Hubie Halloween. According to the journalist, she unknowingly violated her contract with the Boston broadcast news station by appearing in the movie and was terminated for it. You can read her tweet thread sharing the news and thanking viewers and colleagues for the experience below:

Neither Channel 7 News nor Netflix has responded to requests for comment. So far, no one from the Hubie Halloween team has chimed in yet. The Steven Brill-directed project showcased local talent and created jobs while filming locally in different towns along Massachusetts' North Shore. Pinto's firing is a consequence no one involved in the movie likely foresaw that casts a shadow over an otherwise feel-good family movie. For her part, the newscaster is staying optimistic about the future, and her tweets have already garnered support from fans excited for her next move.

While Pinto doesn't elaborate on exactly how the cameo violated her contract with Channel 7 News, chances are it was either because of the content of the performance or the appearance itself. The contract may have included a non-compete clause forbidding appearances on any other channels or streaming services like Netflix. Pinto plays a news anchor for a local station similar to 7 News in Hubie Halloween, so it's unlikely the appearance was considered offensive. She was also dressed up as Harley Quinn in a costume that one might argue technically disguises her "appearance" in the movie. Maybe the higher-ups at Channel 7 News just thought Tracy Phillips' costume was more convincing.

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