Fear The Walking Dead Has Ruined Strand's Entire Redemption Story

1 month ago

Over the last two seasons, Fear the Walking Dead has made efforts to redeem Strand (Colman Domingo), but the latest episode just undid all of it.


Fear the Walking Dead season 6 has ruined the show’s redemption arc for Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), one of the three characters left from season 1. At the beginning of the series, Strand was portrayed as a conman whose primary goal was self-preservation. There were several situations in season 2 when it was made clear that he cared little about people who weren’t close to him. Strand’s lies also made it difficult for him to be trusted.

Over time, Strand developed close ties to Madison’s group, but it was in season 3 that Fear the Walking Dead revealed that he had yet to completely change his ways. He betrayed the group by working with Proctor John (Ray McKinnon) and his men, who wanted control of the dam. Yet, Strand’s life went in a different direction after Madison’s death in season 4. As a member of Morgan’s group, Strand formed a stronger bond with Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and became closer with some of the new characters, such as John (Garrett Dillahunt). He even managed to reconcile with Daniel (Rubén Blades) in season 5. As Strand devoted himself to the group’s mission of helping people, even Daniel came to realize that Strand was capable of change.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 episode 2, titled “Welcome to the Club,” put Strand on a new path. To distract a horde of attacking zombies, Strand wounded Sanjay – a prisoner who was too afraid to take action – and threw him before the zombies. He could be heard screaming as they descended on him and tore his apart. After his death, Strand lied to Alicia by saying that sacrificing himself to save the others is what Sanjay wanted. When his “sacrifice” was brought up again, Strand admitted that it could have worked out better, but he still didn’t admit what he had done. Basically, what Strand did was murder an innocent man, thus ruining his entire redemption story from seasons 4 and 5.


Strand seems to be fully aware of what this means for him and his future. After getting a promotion from Virginia (Colby Minifie), he explained to Alicia that he needs to “forget” the person he has become, and essentially go back to who he was before. He thinks this is the only way for them to get through their conflict with the Pioneers.

It remains to be seen how Strand’s decision-making in Fear the Walking Dead season 6 will affect his standing with Morgan’s group once they all get reunited. This could affect his relationship with Daniel, who may come to the conclusion that he was right about Strand all along. Regardless of if what happened with Sanjay stays buried, Strand may commit other immoral acts in upcoming episodes as the leader of Virginia’s new army that his friends may have trouble overlooking. By the time Virginia and the Pioneers are finally beaten, Strand may be in need of another redemption story in season 7.

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