New Fantastic 4 Art Argues Bryan Cranston Is the Best Fit for Doctor Doom

1 month ago

spdrmnkyxxiii shows what Bryan Cranston, who famously played Breaking Bad's Walter White, would look like as Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom.

Gorgeous new fan art imagines what Bryan Cranston would look like as Doctor DoomThe popular Marvel supervillain was first introduced in The Fantastic Four #5. Doctor Doom has not only appeared in multiple television shows and video games, but has been portrayed by a variety of actors within the various Fantastic Four films. Most recently, he was played by Toby Kebbell in 2015's Fantastic Four.

Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom, is the arch-nemesis of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic. Doom's comic backstory explains that he first met Reed and Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, while at college. Soon after Doom suffered an accident that drastically scarred his face, he was also expelled from school. As a result, Doom began to wear an iron mask and armor, in order to hide the damage. After overthrowing the ruler of Latveria, Doom became dead-set on world domination and taking down the Fantastic Four.

Artist spdrmnkyxxiii envisions Cranston as the menacing Doctor Doom. Cranston stands front and center with his hands glowing a bright, eerie green. While Cranston is wearing Doom's iron armor, green robes, and trademark hood, his face is exposed, revealing what look to be scars and burn marks. You can check out spdrmnkyxxiii's stunning, somewhat terrifying creation below:

Plans for a potential Doctor Doom film were first announced at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Screenwriter Noah Hawley began working on a script, which showed Doom as an anti-hero who invites a reporter to Latveria to listen to his story. That being said, Hawley had reportedly almost completed a deal with Fox to greenlight Doctor DoomUnfortunately, the recent Fox/Disney deal meant that Hawley's plans were suddenly up in the air. While Hawley did sit down with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to discuss the film's future, there doesn't appear to be much development regarding Hawley's Doctor Doom.

While Hawley's vision didn't get far enough to start casting, spdrmnkyxxiii  is right -- Cranston would certainly be an excellent choice. The actor is best known for his portrayal of Walter White in AMC's Breaking Bad, where he portrayed the steely drug lord to perfection. In many ways, Doctor Doom can often seem like a one-dimensional character; as such, it would be refreshing to find someone who can not only embody Doctor Doom's rage, but add a sense of complexity to the character as well. While finding the right Doctor Doom may be a challenge, there's nobody better to rise to the occasion than an acting legend like Cranston.

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