Titans Season 3 Red Hood Reveal Coming Tomorrow

4 weeks ago

As filming on season 3 continues, the official Titans social media account has teased a major Red Hood reveal is coming tomorrow, October 26.


A major Red Hood reveal for Titans season 3 is arriving tomorrow. The series was the very first original live-action show to premiere on DC Universe in 2018 and follows the Teen Titans from the comics, albeit in a slightly different form. For the upcoming season 3, Titans will premiere on HBO Max. The season itself has been slowed by the coronavirus pandemic, but production got underway earlier this month, to fans' relief. As Titans season 2 premiered in September 2019, they have been waiting a long time to see what will come next for the young DC team.

While many plot details about Titans season 3 are still being kept under wraps, one thing is certain: Red Hood is coming. Curran Walters' Jason Todd finished season 2 against the rest of the team, particularly leader Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites). As a result, Jason struck out on his own, leaving fans to wonder if he could somehow become Red Hood. Jason's new season 3 role was then confirmed at DC FanDome. In the comics, Jason adopts the Red Hood vigilante persona after being resurrected following his death at the hands of the Joker.

With production on Titans season 3 finally starting up, fans can expect a major Red Hood sneak peek to emerge tomorrow. The official Titans social media account shared an ominous video late on Saturday teasing a Red Hood-related announcement. All that's known is that it will arrive on Monday, October 26, though it seems likely that fans will get their first look at the Red Hood costume.

Fans have yet to see Walters in costume, though there has been some fan art of him in a potential Red Hood suit. Like any superhero project these days, there's a lot of anticipation surrounding the costume reveal, and hopefully the look that emerges tomorrow will meet fans' expectations. After all, this marks the first time Red Hood has been depicted in live-action form; fans will surely have a lot of opinions about how Titans should handle his arc.

Already, though, Titans has made a notable change to Red Hood's origin. In the comics, Jason was brutally murdered by the Joker. That's been removed from Jason's Titans story, instead having his inciting incident be the conflict between him and the Titans. Exactly how what will alter this Red Hood remains to be seen, but some fans might be a bit skeptical. Perhaps a truly impressive costume reveal will win over those who are feeling a bit apprehensive about Red Hood's addition to Titans. It'll all be revealed tomorrow.

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