Uncharted Movie: Mark Wahlberg Reveals Sully’s Mustache in New Set Video

4 weeks ago

Mark Wahlberg shows off his look for the role of Victor "Sully" Sullivan in the upcoming Uncharted movie based on the popular video game franchise.


Actor Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram with a fresh new look, showing off the mustache he'll wear as Victor "Sully" Sullivan in the upcoming Uncharted movie. Uncharted is a wildly popular video game series developed by Naughty Dog with a total of nine separate games released over a decade. The games follow the rough and tumble Nathan Drake, a treasure hunting and ever sarcastic action hero, often compared to everyone's favorite fictional world traveler Indiana Jones. But Wahlberg won't be playing the daring Drake; that role will be fulfilled by Spider-Man star Tom Holland. Wahlberg's Sully will then serve as Drake's foul-mouthed mentor with a penchant for short-sleeved button-ups.

The movie adaptation of the extremely popular game franchise has been quite a few years in the making. Its original plan of a 2016 release was delayed soon after it was first announced. After a handful of years, several rewrites and director changes, and further delays, Uncharted has thankfully found its feet back on the ground. The cast and crew resumed shooting earlier this year, battling the same issues many other films have faced due to COVID-19. Despite it all, Uncharted pushed ahead, with Holland wrapping filming earlier this week.

Since the first Uncharted set photos made their way onto the Internet this past September, anticipation has been high for more glimpses into the making of the movie. This weekend, Wahlberg provided an unexpected treat for fans in the form of a three-second video. In it, the actor, shows off his trademark Sully mustache while shouting, "Don't ask, don't f----ing ask!" Check out a photo of Wahlberg and link to the video below:

Though Wahlberg's message may seem crude, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to those who have followed the Uncharted series since the first game came out in 2007. Sully's vulgarity is a signature part of his character, and this video shows Wahlberg is committed to the role. His mustache and hair are also inline with what fans of the games likely expect.

The exact plot of Uncharted remains a mystery, but Wahlberg's video highlights the movie's decision to focus on Nathan Drake's origin story, which takes place before the first game, timeline-wise. As a result, both Wahlberg and Holland have a large age disparity in comparison to their characters. That's clear from Wahlberg's appearance, as he has brown hair and a brown mustache instead of Sully's grayer look. However, Wahlberg seems to be maintaining the spirit of the original character in the Uncharted moviewhich will hopefully help assuage any concerns.

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