Titans Season 3 Images Reveal Red Hood Costume Design

4 weeks ago

New Titans season 3 images reveal the first look at Curran Walters' Jason Todd in the Red Hood costume for the DC anti-hero in the HBO Max TV show.


HBO Max has revealed the first look at Curran Walters' Jason Todd in the DC anti-hero Red Hood costume for Titans season 3. One of the big changes that's coming for the Teen Titans live-action adaptation next year is the arrival of Red Hood, Jason Todd's second mantle in the DC mythology. Jason, who was first introduced in Titans season 1, quickly became a main player in the series as he was upgraded to full-time status in season 2. Throughout the show's second year, viewers followed Jason struggling with how to work with team members. After butting heads with the first Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, and getting into a romance with Rose Wilson aka Ravager, Jason departs the team at the end of the season.

While Titans season 3 was originally supposed to arrive this fall, the global pandemic ended up affecting the DC drama, with it being pushed till next year. On the upside, production recently began in Toronto, Canada under the new safety guidelines that were put into place due to COVID-19. Initially produced by DC Universe, Titans was one of the streamer's original series that has ended up moving to HBO Max as the DC streaming service becomes fully focused on comics. One of the big announcements to come out of DC FanDome for Titans was that season 3 would see Jason go from Robin to Red Hood as he'll clash with his former team. Over the weekend, the official social media accounts for the show teased that a major Red Hood reveal was coming on Monday, October 26, and the wait is over.

As promised, HBO Max unveiled the first official look at Walters in the Red Hood costume for Titans season 3. This marks the first time Red Hood has ever been seen in live-action as he has only been seen in animation through Batman: Under the Red Hood and in the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Even though Jason's time as Robin has been relatively short, it's exciting that his Red Hood persona will finally be seen in live-action.



While's unclear if Jason will die and be resurrected before becoming Red Hood, like in the comics, this is another top-notch costume adaptation for Titans. Laura Jean Shannon, who has designed several of the superhero costumes for the series, did a solid adaptation of Jason's iconic suit. The addition of an actual red hood is very reminiscent of his later design in Batman: Arkham Knights. Ever since the announcement was made, it has been made very clear how excited Walters is for Jason's season 3 arc. The biggest surprise is that they ended up letting Jason's helmet have the classic white eyes.

Another big change to be seen in Titans season 3 is that Barbara Gordon will be introduced into the series as the GCPD Commissioner. Additionally, a major Batman villain is showing up, as Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow will debut too as the team relocates to Gotham City. Since they’re going to be in Gotham more regularly, it would make sense if other Batman-related characters end up showing up in some capacity. After the season 2 finale, it was revealed that Damaris Lewis' Blackfire will be a series regular next season. This likely means that Starfire will be one of the characters to be given a lot of attention next season as the war with her sister escalates. While nothing further has been revealed yet, there are likely more new stories and characters being announced in the coming months.

Within the last couple of weeks, Walters has shared on social media his preparation to becoming Red Hood, including his extensive research. Given how much attention Jason's Red Hood evolution has been given, Titans could be prepping a spinoff for Jason after the upcoming season. It's definitely something Walters would be up for as he has expressed interest in a Red Hood spinoff before. As production continues on Titans season 3, more reveals and announcements are likely to arrive in the coming months following the reveal of the Red Hood costume.

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