The Crown Season 4 Trailer: Margaret Thatcher Faces Off With The Queen

3 weeks ago

The official trailer for The Crown season 4 sees Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher meeting, and also teases the drastic shakeups caused by Diana.

The latest trailer for The Crown season 4 sees Queen Elizabeth go head-to-head with Margaret Thatcher. Netflix's critical darling first premiered in 2016 and starred Claire Foy as the Queen. The first season charted Elizabeth's ascension and her early years as England's monarch, with the second stretching the period between 1956 and 1964. As was always planned, Olivia Colman took over as Queen Elizabeth for season 3, and Imelda Staunton is set to step into the role for the already-ordered seasons 5 and 6. Before that, though, Colman gets one more go around as the iconic figure.

The Crown season 4 will delve into the 80s and, perhaps most excitingly, will introduce two memorable women from history. On the political side, the Queen will be faced with her newest Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson). On the personal, her son Charles (Josh O'Conner) will become smitten with a woman viewers might recognize: Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin). Ahead of The Crown's season 4 debut in November, Netflix has found plenty of opportunities to tease both Thatcher and Diana's arrivals, and now fans have a new look at both.

In the newest trailer for The Crown season 4, released Thursday morning by Netflix, Queen Elizabeth and Thatcher come together for the first of their many standard meetings, and to say there's tension between the two would be putting it lightly. As the first female Prime Minister, Thatcher is a fascinating historical figure, and it's clear The Crown doesn't intend to shy away from her uncompromising stances and, for some, controversial politics. To see her in action, check out the trailer down below.

This is the biggest spotlight Anderson's Thatcher has received yet, as the previous teasers largely kept her to tantalizing glimpses. The first half of the trailer effectively introduces Thatcher as a formidable figure and emphasizes how now there are two women in charge of England, which not everyone appreciates. However, this doesn't mean Thatcher and the Queen will get along; in fact, their first meeting appears positively frosty.

The second half of the new Crown trailer is dedicated entirely to Diana and how she charms the entire world, save for Elizabeth herself. That the trailer is split so evenly between the Queen's relationships with these two iconic women highlights how The Crown season 4 intends to really explore them. Those familiar with history might have an idea of how these affairs will turn out, but it can be expected that The Crown will take some creative liberties. All of that is to say: Expect some surprises ahead as Queen Elizabeth deals with these new, game-changing characters.

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