Walking Dead Celebrates 10 Years With Video Of 1 Second From Every Episode

3 weeks ago

Celebrating 10 years of The Walking Dead on television, a video highlights one second from all 147 episodes of AMC's long-running zombie thriller.


One video is celebrating ten years of The Walking Dead by featuring one second from every episode to date. The long-running zombie thriller recently wrapped up the Whisperer War storyline. "A Certain Doom" ended Beta's assault on the united communities, bringing the constant threat of the Whisperers to a close. The episode introduced new plot developments, however, including the return of Maggie.

AMC premiered the first episode of The Walking Dead on October 31, 2010. That seminal episode introduced viewers to a sheriff waking to a world overrun by the dead. Of course, the comic book had been going strong before the show premiered. But, for many people, this was their introduction to the story. The Walking Dead became the highest-rated scripted show on television. Andrew Lincoln's portrayal of Rick Grimes was instantly likable. Unsurprisingly, The Walking Dead is full of iconic moments, from the "look at the flowers" scene to Negan introducing the characters to Lucille. Now, fans can relive these moments one after another.

A video (via FOX TV UK) featuring one second from all 147 episodes of The Walking Dead has been shared online to celebrate the show's ten-year run. One second may not be a lot of time, but it's enough to bring back memories of crucial scenes and characters no longer among the living. Check out the video below.

The video is certainly a trip down memory lane for fans. Unsurprisingly, it begins with Rick waking up in the hospital, never expecting what's waiting for him outside. From there, longtime viewers will recognize scenes such as Andrea desperately trying to escape her chair imprisonment, Daryl holding Beth's lifeless body, and a jaded Rick executing Peter. With just one second from each episode, the video reminds viewers how far the show has come since 2010. Hopefully, when the series concludes in season 11, an updated version of the video will be uploaded for a truly complete experience.

The Walking Dead is returning in early 2021 for six additional season 10 episodes. One thing fans are looking forward to is seeing Maggie's reaction to Negan being allowed to roam free. Viewers can get an early preview by watching the cast partake in a table read for the upcoming episode in a behind-the-scenes video. The Walking Dead has more iconic moments coming up before it finishes, not to mention multiple spinoffs to keep audiences scared for years to come.

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