Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween Is Netflix’s Most Popular Movie Of 2020

2 weeks ago

Adam Sandler's seasonal comedy, Hubie Halloween, has just been revealed as Netflix's most popular streaming title of 2020 in the United States.

Comedian Adam Sandler’s latest movie, Hubie Halloween, is officially Netflix’s most popular movie of 2020 in the U.S. Sandler has a longstanding relationship with the streaming giant, resulting in several comedies that have gone on to become larger than expected hits.

After making a name for himself as an SNL regular in the 1990s, Sandler’s early film work drew many fans. Films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer offered their own degree of sappy charm, mixed with the comedian’s brand of stoner-friendly laughs. This formula seemed to be working well for Sandler, which likely explains why even today, some 25 years after he first made Billy Madison, Sandler’s style of filmmaking has hardly changed at all. Some fans might argue this point, however, insisting that Sandler’s early films were risky and unique, whereas today, the 54-year-old’s work plays it safe and aims for a family-friendly audience. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, it’s long since been clear that Sandler’s movies are the closest thing to bulletproof that a film can be expected to be – that is, regardless of critics and reviews, they always seem to win.

According to Variety, it now appears that Sandler has yet another hit to his credit at Netflix. The streaming service has just released its popularity scores from April 2020 to October 2020, and Hubie Halloween has been crowned the highest-ranking movie of 2020 in the United States. The sole film that outpaced Hubie was the Polish drama, 365 Days. Sandler’s movie arrived for Halloween, at a time when some families weren’t able to trick-or-treat due to Covid. The light-hearted comedy didn’t come away with much praise from critics or viewers, yet, like many of Sandler’s past films, still managed immense popularity.

Hubie Halloween sees Sandler utilizing his notorious baby voice to play the role of a simple man whose obsession with Halloween leads him into a mysterious adventure. At present, there hasn’t been any talk of a sequel, but given the success of Hubie Halloween, it’s very likely that a follow up will be in the cards at some point. Anyway, Hubie Halloween continues to stream, and this latest confirmation of success is sure to solidify its popularity further. Exactly why the movie has hit such a high remains a mystery to many. Still, as previously mentioned, Sandler’s ability to create films that divide and conquer manages to perplex, delight, and annoy huge swathes of viewers.

Perhaps most frustrating for many fans is how Sandler occasionally stars in dramatic roles that prove to be far superior to any of his comedies. Recent roles in Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories have been warmly received and prove that Sandler has a talent for more serious fare. But of course, given the amount of money that goofy films like Hubie Halloween reel in, it’s clear why Sandler consistently chooses to give Netflix just what they want and why those who dislike his movies won’t be seeing the end of them any time soon.

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