Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Recast With Biden, Harris, & Obama

2 weeks ago

Check out this Election 2020 fan-edited video of the epic Avengers: Endgame final battle recast with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and more.


The Avengers: Endgame final battle is recast with President-elect Joe Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, and former President Barack Obama. 2019's Endgame was the grand finale of the first three phases of the MCU. The film culminated in an epic finale that featured Captain America and the Avengers assembling to defeat the evil Thanos once and for all.

It goes without saying that Endgame's final battle was the pinnacle of the MCU so far. The shot of Captain America, the first Avenger ready to face Thanos and his army alone was inspiring enough. Pair that with Sam telling Captain America, "On your left," to reveal T'Challa and the rest of the Avengers returning through portals and there's a recipe for an iconic movie moment. The scene has Cap finally utter the famous line, "Avengers, assemble," and thus, the Endgame battle sealed its place in pop-culture history. With the recent U.S presidential election taking nearly a week to wrap up, the internet has churned out a plethora of memes as a much needed dose of humor, and parodying the iconic Endgame scene was a quick favorite.

Director John Handem Piette made a hilarious fan-edit of the Endgame final battle that edits Biden's face onto Captain America and casts current President Donald Trump as Thanos. Piette chose Harris for Falcon, Obama as T'Challa, Stacy Abrams as Okoye, Keisha Lance Bottoms as Shuri, Bernie Sanders as Doctor Strange, Cory Booker as Drax, and Elizabeth Warren as Mantis. Other cameos include Beto O'Rourke as Star-Lord, Pete Buttgieg as Spider-Man, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as Captain Marvel, Hillary Clinton as Valkyrie, Ayanna Pressley as Pepper Potts, Rashida Tlaib also as Mantis, Ilhan Omar also as Shuri, Nancy Pelosi as Wasp and Michelle Obama as Gamora. Andrew Yang appears as Wong, with Hunter Biden as Thor, Elon Musk as Iron Man, Greta Thunberg also as Pepper Potts, John Lewis as Ant Man, John McCain as the Hulk, Ruth Bader Ginsburg as War Machine, and Sean Connery as Rocket Raccoon. Check out the fun video in full below.

The mail-in ballots serving as the troops fighting for the Avengers is another hilarious touch. The video also intersperses spoken phrases from the political figures that help make the video even more cohesive. The fan video also certainly demonstrates the cultural significance of the Endgame battle and the influence of the MCU as a whole. It was only inevitable that someone would utilize Endgame as a commentary on the U.S. election. Another major reason why the Endgame battle still remains emotionally resonant is the fact that it closed a chapter on over ten years of MCU films. Fans love a good hero, and the Endgame battle delivered in a way that will be incredibly difficult to beat in MCU phase 4 and onwards.

If there's one thing that America can agree on, it's that the Avengers: Endgame final battle was epic. In a rather tumultuous year, fans can take a page out of Captain America's book as he stood alone against Thanos's army. Never give up, never stop fighting for what's right, and remember that there's always hope.

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