Mandalorian: Katee Sackhoff Teared Up First Time She Wore Bo-Katan Armor

1 week ago

Recent addition to Disney+'s The Mandalorian, Katee Sackhoff, has revealed that she had tears in her eyes when she first tried on Bo-Katan's armor.

The Mandalorian star Katee Sackhoff has admitted that she teared up the first time she wore Bo-Katan’s armor. Though still early on in its second season, Jon Favreau’s Star Wars TV series remains popular with fans of the franchise and continues to incorporate more of the extensive elements of the Star Wars universe.

Slowly but sure, it feels as though The Mandalorian is building toward something much bigger. As it moves along, the likes of familiar aspects such as the Jedi and a Yoda-like character have fans buzzing with rumors, conjecture and discussion. It still seems too early into the new season to really know for certain just what’s going to happen, but the manner in which Favreau has plotted out the storyline has made for plenty of surprises already. In the recent third episode of the second season, fans were introduced to the somewhat unorthodox Mandalorian known as Bo-Katan, who was played by Sackhoff. The character has also been voiced by Sackhoff in the animated series’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as Star Wars Rebels. Her arrival on The Mandalorian was a big deal for fans and the show alike, but few seem as genuinely moved by it all as Sackhoff has been.

In a recent interview with Variety, Sackhoff spoke about just what it was like to go from voicing a character to actually suiting up and playing her in a live-action series. The switch was a profound one for Sackhoff and she admitted to having tears in her eyes on the day that she first put on Bo-Katan’s armor. To have reached this point in her career was something of a milestone for the 40-year-old actress – which goes to show just how substantial the Star Wars universe continues to be, over forty years after it first kicked off. Said Sackhoff:

Dave [Filoni] was there the first time I had my whole costume on and I had tears in my eyes. I was so overwhelmed and so excited. I was a little in shock that this was my life. I have seen actors around me get opportunities and been so excited for them, and I’ve never really had a moment where I was blown away. When you very clearly have stepped up and into something that you think is greater than yourself is a very big moment for an actor.

This isn’t the first time that Sackhoff has shared her unabashed feelings for being a part of The Mandalorian. As some of her recent Tweets can attest to, she’s been extremely excited about the character and her role for some time now. And although her character’s arrival on the series has both helped and hindered Din Djarin, the prospect of Bo-Katan being a part of the battle against Moff Gideon for the darksaber makes for more great storytelling.

It’s hard to say exactly what direction that The Mandalorian is currently heading in, but one thing is for certain: every question that fans have isn’t likely to be answered this season. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that mystery will continue to be a part of the series, as it keeps the entertainment factor high. However, the bad side of this is that too many secrets and too few reveals can run the risk of exhausting fans. Thankfully, with someone like Favreau in charge, the changes of that happening are relatively slim.

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