James Bond Art Argues John Boyega Should Replace Daniel Craig as 007

4 days ago

New fan art imagines what British star John Boyega would look like as James Bond, in trademark tuxedo, if he took over the role from Daniel Craig.


New fan art imagines what British star John Boyega would look like as James Bond, in trademark tuxedo, if he took over the role from Daniel Craig. Craig will retire from the part after No Time To Die, currently scheduled to hit theaters in April 2021. Craig is the sixth actor to play Bond, having taken over the role for Casino Royale in 2006. He succeeds Pierce Brosnan, who followed Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and the late Sean Connery.

As a result, the rumor mill has been working overtime, speculating who will take over from Craig, despite Bond producers Eon insisting they won't consider anyone until the latest movie is out of theaters. The role of James Bond is one of the most coveted in the business, and everyone from Superman star Henry Cavill to Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden have expressed interest in taking over. Even Boyega, of Star Wars fame, has thrown his hat in the ring, suggesting he'd star in a 007 film if his recent director on Small Axe, Steve McQueen, helmed the movie, adding that the pair would bring a fresh twist to the franchise.

Now, digital artist ApexForm has shared their vision of what Boyega would look like if indeed he were cast as Bond. The image puts Boyega in 007's trademark tuxedo, looking nonchalantly to his right while pointing the barrel of his gun down the camera. In a piece of classic action movie imagery, a huge explosion is happening behind him. The vibrant fan art can be seen in all its glory below:

There's no doubt the art makes a strong case for Boyega as Bond. The Brit certainly has the looks and charm to pull off the role and would add a nice dose of diversity to the so-far lily-white franchise as the first black Bond. Of course, it's all speculation, and if Boyega were to jump to the front of the line for the role, the producers would have to work hard to get him on board. Boyega was burned by his experience on the Star Wars franchise, criticizing the filmmakers for sidelining his character Finn and other characters of color.

So, for Boyega to take on the role, he'd have to be convinced it would be worth the risk of taking on another significant franchise role. If he did, though, he'd be almost the perfect age for it. Currently 28, Boyega would be around 30 by the time the next James Bond film goes into production, allowing him to tackle the character at the start of his time as a 007, and potentially keeping him in the role for an extended period, similar to Craig. For now, though, it's merely wish fulfillment, and audiences will have to be patient to find out who takes over the role.

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