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Where to download latest Movies in Nigeria

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Where to download latest Movies in Nigeria

Downloading Movies Online has become a tradition in Nigeria that everyone believes even without Netflix you can still download it online and watch at your own time.

It is not every time that people like to sit down and watch movies and that is one of the reasons why they will prefer to just download them and watch them later. 

In the 21st century, we have a lot of streaming platforms like Netflix and showmax. We also have cable channels like DSTV and Startimes but the question is, can you download those movies to your phone? The answer is No 

In this article, we are going to show you where to download latest movies in Nigeria, how to download them and some of the best websites to download movies in Nigeria.

What are Movies 

Movies are simply taking records of moving motions that tell a story and are shown on a screen that people can watch. 

As much as people watch a movie for fun, it has also saved a lot of people from being depressed or feeling bored. 

Every movie has its way of bringing out feelings from people.

For instance, there are some movies that will make you cry, some other movies that will make you laugh and you can also get movies that will make you scared. 

There are so many types of movies like Horror, Crime, Action, Comedy, adventure, and Epic which are very popular in Nigeria.

Everyone has their choices but one thing is for sure, it will bring out a feeling in you. 

What Type Of Movie Do Nigerians Like? 

Everybody in Nigeria likes different types of movies, some like Korean movies like the ladies, others like Hollywood action, and most of them like Nollywood Movies. 

There is no doubt that Nigerian Nollywood has transformed over the years, right now we can see so many Nigerian movies on popular platforms like Netflix and ShowMax which is a plus. 

It is also wise to say that the change in the industry has made a lot of Nigerians fall in love with the Industry. 

Therefore, Nigerians like the original Nollywood Glamor movies. Movies like Lion Heart made a way and others have followed up. 

Why Nigerians Download Movie online 

Today we see people downloading movies on popular websites like waploaded and so many others. 

But the question is, why download movies when you can easily watch them online and save your storage space? 

Here, we will give you some of the reasons why people download movies online. 

1. Buffering 

Some of these online streaming platforms can be affected by your network thereby causing buffering while you're watching your favorite program. 

Instead of going through that trouble, simply download the movie and the worries are over. 

2. Busy Day 

You want to watch some of your favorite television series with your Dstv or Startimes but you are too busy too on your TV, what do you do? 

You simply go online, search for the movie and download them, that way you won't miss out on any episode.

3. Short Bytes 

Downloading movies is cheaper than watching the last same movie online. 

For instance, if you have 1GB and want to watch a movie, there is a big possibility that your 1GB might finish before you finish the movie but while downloading, you can use at least 500MB to download that same movie and still have 500MB to do whatever you want to do. 

Websites to Download Movies Online 

If you are looking for Where to Download the latest movie In Nigeria, don't worry we got you covered. Below are the best websites to download your movie

1. Waploaded  - waploaded.com

This is one of the oldest websites that have served as a sure source of Music downloads, Movies, music promotion, etc. 

Waploaded has all your favorite movies, series and covers a wide genre on the websites, all you need to do is to head over to the website, and search for them. your favorite movie and download them. 

2. NetNaija - netnaija.net

Talk about any kind of movie and a growing competitor of waploaded.  Although they also serve as a source for music download. 

3. Yomovi - Yomovi.com

This is a multi-genre website that not only gives you hollywood movies to download but also gives Drama, Horror, Adventure, Crime and various genres in various languages including Korean, French, Portuguese, Spanish, English. 

This is very similar to waploaded just that it’s new and brewing a lot of contents lately. So if you're looking forward to downloading any latest Nigerian movie, Comedy movies this is the website for you. 

4. Naijapals - naijapals.com

Another wonderful website when it comes to downloading some of the latest Nigerian movies or better called Naija Movie. 

Though not up to the standard of other big websites it stands as the fastest rising website for Nigerian movie download. 

How To Download Movies 

We have been able to give you a list of top movie download sites in Nigeria, with those websites, your movie download will be made easy with minimal data consumption. 

Here, we are going to show you how to download movies generally, not minding the website. 

  • Go to the website you want to download the movie from, for instance, waploaded.com

  • Locate the search box on the website and search for the movie you want. 

  • When it comes out, click on it

  • Click on the download section and start downloading. 

Some websites do have ads running everywhere, it can be annoying but you have to be careful while downloading.


Downloading movies will help you save time, it will help you spend less data and give you the chance to watch your movie in your own time and space.

We have been able to give you some of the details you need about some of these websites that allow you to download all kinds of movies for free. 

For more updates like this, follow us by signing up for our daily newsletter and if you are confused about anything in this article, kindly ask your question in the comment box.

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