The Boys Season 2 Finale Releases Early On Amazon Prime

1 month ago

The season 2 finale of The Boys dropped early and is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Following in the footsteps of the comics created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys' satirical takedown of the superhero genre has helped it become incredibly popular. The show was one of Amazon's most-watched originals when season 1 dropped, but season 2 has been an even bigger success - with reports that viewership has nearly doubled.

Interest in season 2 of The Boys has managed to keep growing thanks to the switch to a switch to release episodes weekly instead of all at once. For the last several weeks, viewers have seen The Boys bring The Boys back together, fracture the ranks of The Seven, and introduce a major threat with Stormfront. Through all the violence, humor, action, profanity, and political themes, The Boys' story continued to surprise in how it built towards the season 2 finale.

The final episode of The Boys season 2 was scheduled to drop on Amazon Prime Video at midnight on October 9, but it has now arrived early. A few hours after The Boys' virtual panel for New York Comic Con, Amazon made the hour-long season finale available to subscribers. Now, fans of the series can get a jump start on seeing how season 2 and how it sets up season 3.

Fans of The Boys have been eager to see how season 2 will end ever since the explosive ending of the penultimate episode. It is safe to say that the events of the season 2 finale will deal with the fallout of that episode, and fans should even expect a few surprises for what happens next. After all, the finale isn't just wrapping up the story of season 2, but it is also setting up what will happen in season 3, which Amazon confirmed earlier this year.

As viewers start to see how season 2 of The Boys ends, they should make sure to enjoy the new episode, as it is unclear when more content from the Boys universe will arrive. Season 3 is currently being written and hoping to begin filming in early 2021, but that might mean that it won't be released until sometime in 2022. Amazon is also working on a college-set spinoff of The Boys too. There is no information available on when the spinoff will be released though. Depending on how the productions of season 3 and the spinoff goes, it could be well over a year before more The Boys content arrives on Amazon, so fans should enjoy the experience of a new episode while they still can.

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